Available Programmes

1. College of Agriculture, Ejigbo Campus

♦ B. Agric. Agricultural Economics and Extension
♦ B. Agric. Animal Science 
♦ B. Agric. Agronomy 
♦ B. Fisheries and Wildlife Management 

2. College of Education, Ipetu-Ijesa Campus

♦ B. Sc. (Ed.) Political Science
♦ B. Sc. (Ed.) Economics
♦ B. A. (Ed.) English
♦ B. Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics
♦ B. Sc. (Ed.) Biology
♦ B. Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry
♦ B. Sc. (Ed.) Physics

3. College of Health Sciences, Osogbo Campus

♦ B. Sc. Anatomy
♦ B. Sc. Physiology

4. College of Humanities and Culture, Ikire Campus

♦ B. A. English and International Studies
♦ B. A. French and International Studies
♦ B. A. Linguistics and Communication Studies
♦ B. A. History and International Studies

5. College of Management and Social Sciences, Okuku Campus

♦ B. Sc. Accounting
♦ B. Sc. Business Administration
♦ B. Sc. Economics
♦ B. Sc. Banking and Finance
♦ B. Sc. Political Sciences
♦ B. Sc. Geography
♦ B. Sc. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
♦ B. Sc. Sociology
♦ B. Sc. Entrepreneurship

6. College of Science, Engineering and Technology, Osogbo Campus

♦ B. Sc. Industrial Chemistry
♦ B. Sc. Biochemistry
♦ B. Sc. Civil Engineering
♦ B. Sc. Computer Science
♦ B. Eng. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
♦ B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering
♦ B. Sc. Mathematics
♦ B. Sc. Microbiology
♦ B. Sc. Geology
♦ B. Sc. Physics with Electronics
♦ B. Sc. Urban and Regional Planning
♦ B. Sc. Plant Biology
♦ B. Sc. Chemistry
♦ B. Sc. Zoology

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